Assurance Statement

We are regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR). The SHR developed a new framework in February this year which outlined the key requirements that all Housing Associations need to comply with. These requirements include Equalities and Human Rights, all legislative obligations e.g. health and safety, employment and housing legislation, our performance in relation to the Scottish Social Housing Charter and how we comply with the regulator’s standards in relation to Governance and Financial Management. As part of the new Framework, our Board are assured that we are complying with all of these requirements and have submitted our first annual statement to confirm this.

While there were no areas of material non compliance, the Board  have identified a number of improvement areas which they will work on over the next year, these include:

  • Equalities and Human Rights – we have just developed an Equalities Policy and an Action Plan has been developed and will be implemented over the coming months. The purpose of this is to improve the services that we offer to all tenants and to ensure that we consider this area when making any decisions in relation to service delivery or policy. An working group has been established to take this forward and members of our Tenant Advisory Group are part of this working group. As part of this piece of work we will also be collecting data from our existing tenants to ensure that we have the information we require to assess the equalities impact. This information will include information in relation to disability, age, race and gender.
  • Rent Affordability – this process has highlighted that we need to improve how we consult with our tenants in relation to rent increases and also how the Board considers rent affordability as part of their decision making in relation to rent increases. We have recently consulted on our Rent Policy and the revised policy has now been approved by the Board (add in link to website). We have improved how we consult with tenants and are trying various different methods to ensure that we get responses from as many tenants as possible (add in details of how tenants can still feedback in relation to the rent consultation).
  • Implementation of new IT System – we have had ongoing issues with our previous housing management system which has impacted on our reporting and processes in respect of service delivery to our customers. We are currently in the process of implementing a new system that going forward will allow our customers to access our services online should they wish to do this. 

You can find our Assurance Statement and Governance Improvement Plan below.