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Willowacre Trust

Willowacre Trust is the charitable subsidiary of West of Scotland Housing Association (WSHA) and has been working to tackle social and economic disadvantage for over 50 years. Willowacre Trust is committed to the delivery of projects and services which offer holistic support and increased opportunities to WSHA tenants with the overall aim of positively impacting on our tenants' lives.

Services delivered within communities include:

  • Community centres, multi-use games areas and urban green spaces.
  • Starter packs, food parcels, upcycling and fuel top ups
  • Older People’s Services (includes sheltered housing)
  • Tenancy Sustainment Services (includes Money, Energy, Digital, Handy Person Services)
  • Community Engagement Services

We are currently seeking Board members who are passionate and committed to making a meaningful difference for people and communities. If you have experience of one of the following:

  • Accountancy and Financial Management (Charitable Sector)
  • Governance (Charitable Sector)
  • Public Sector – Local authority/Health/Social Care

Closing Date 31st August 2020

For further information please see below or contact Jennifer Cairns, Director of Corporate Services, Jennifer.cairns@westscot.co.uk or 0141 550 5625.