Rate Your Estate

The Rate Your Estate initiative has been in place since 2013. The scheme involves tenant inspectors visiting our communities where we have stock and grading particular aspects of the environment.

Following a review in early 2018 a working group of tenants recommended some changes that would mean that tenants were able to get feedback on how their inspections had led to changes.

The Inspectors have been on a tour of some of the areas where we have houses in the past few months and are now putting in place their inspection plan for the year ahead. If you would like the inspectors to visit your area, or would like to become a Rate Your Estate inspector, please get in touch via haveyoursay@westscot.co.uk

An inspection of the Cowlairs area was undertaken by tenants following the regular meeting held in November.

The inspectors highlighted the following areas of concern:

  • The external condition of some of the homes built in the mid 2000s was poor, and required at the very least some paintwork
  • The group noted there were still pockets of the community where people were discarding rubbish
  • Some of the facings on the tenement properties were in need of work
  • The growth in the spare ground across from the WSHA properties in Inverurie street was spreading onto the pavement and needed cut back

The Inspectors were pleased to note that work was being undertaken on the back courts of Keppochhill Road, to improve the accessibility of the back courts, and to increase space for bins.

The Inspectors also noted that the Molly Weir Garden was a good facility for the community but they wondered about improved community access.

It was agreed that at the Cowlairs meeting in the New Year the inspectors would receive an update on the areas identified as concerned above.

A programme of inspection dates for 2019 has been agreed with the Tenant Advisory Group. If you want to get involved please get in touch.