Rent Setting

We aim to charge rents which are affordable for tenants. Rents cover the cost of:

  • managing and maintaining your homes
  • repaying any mortgages or loans owing
  • setting aside money for repairs that will be needed in the future

We use different ways for setting the rents for different types of tenancy

Changes to Rent Setting

West of Scotland Housing Association has introduced changes to the way rents are set. These changes will affect all Scottish Secure Tenants of the Association which means over 95% of tenants are affected. This leaflet provides information about our rent restructuring and how we will set rents in the future.
We sent all tenants a survey with questions about rent setting. You can read the results of the survey here.

New Scottish Secure Tenants

The Association sets the rents for Scottish Secure Tenants who were not previously secure tenants. We take into account the need to cover our costs as described above. The new rent, including any services, will be applied on the 28th March each year. Like most Associations we use a ‘points system’ to calculate the rent for each house. This means the rent depends on the size and type of property that you live in.

Former Secure Tenants

These tend to be long-standing tenancies where the rents are set by the Rent Officer every three years.  They are usually properties that were transferred from another landlord. We have a small number of these houses and usually the maximum annual rent increase was agreed at the time they were transferred.