Please note that due to latest Government Advice regarding Coronavirus we are only carrying out emergency repairs that can be reported as normal by calling 0141 550 5600. You will be asked if you are experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms or you are in a high risk or vulnerable group.

Camlachie Close upIt is important for both you and the Association that houses are maintained to a high standard. The Association will repair most items in your home, however, you will be responsible for some repairs. 

If a repair needs to be done because you have been careless or negligent, e.g. flooding from your washing machine or shower, then you have to do it yourself or pay for it to be done. We may carry our repairs that are your responsibility and then send you a bill for the cost of the work.

If you are unable to give access after it has been arranged but you do not cancel the appointment, you will be recharged the cost of the contractors time for the aborted call.

Quality of Service

Making sure repairs are done properly is important to you and the Association. We want to ensure that our repairs service is as good as possible. We monitor our own performance and the performance of our contractors to ensure you get good quality of service.

We do this by carrying out a number of post inspections to assess the quality of work undertaken. We also regularly meet with contractors to discuss any issues.

We also untertake continous customer satisfaction surveys,  through an independent company Research Resource. Research Resource contact a sample of tenants who have recieved a repair in the previous month and ask a number of questions about the quality of service recieved. These findings are then passed to the Association so we can improve services where required.