About Willowacre Trust

Supporting people and communities is a priority for Willowacre Trust. As an organisation we know that by assisting individuals and families to sustain and improve their lives that we are impacting on the wider community.

Willowacre Trust supports community cohesion by creating an environment where families feel a sense of belonging, where families from diverse backgrounds are welcomed and where opportunities are available to everyone.

Undertaking work within communities is a key objective of the charity. Sometimes this work it is unseen such as developing derelict land, creating community projects, and  tackling income and fuel poverty. Willowacre Trust explicitly commits to taking action to develop a strong social and economic infrastructure within communities with the aim of making a difference to lives of those people who live in these communities .

Our Community Objective is:

“Be proactive in delivering services and projects which impact on the lives of individuals and families and sustain tenancies.”

Defining our communities

Willowacre Trusts views  a cohesive and thriving community as defined below:

"A community to us is more than just affordable homes; it is about creating safe, socially inclusive, thriving, vibrant communities where people want to live. To us it is about ensuring that people have access to training and employment opportunities, where they are supported to maximise their income, where they have improved health and wellbeing and feel good about their life."

Our History

Willowacre Trust has been operating as a charitable organisation for over 55 years.

The Trust evolved from Christian Action (Glasgow) Housing Association which was established in 1965.

The primary aim was to deliver the charitable functions of Christian Action (Glasgow) Housing Association, which is now known as West of Scotland Housing Association (WSHA). 

Subsequently, the name was changed to Willowacre Trust. Willowacre Trust became a subsidiary of West of Scotland Housing Association in April 2012.


Willowacre Trust has charitable status and is a subsidiary of WSHA.

Willowacre Trust is a vehicle for delivering WSHA’s Supporting Communities Strategy.

It aims to tackle the social and economic issues within the communities in which WSHA’s tenants live.

Specifically, Willowacre Trust works to assist vulnerable families and individuals who are most in need and supports them to overcome difficulties and sustain their tenancies.

Our Priorities 

Willowacre Trust's main areas of priority are outlined below:

Willowacre Trust Priorities Graphic