What is Sheltered Housing? 

Sheltered housing is purposely designed housing created for those either over the age of 60 or who are living with a disability.  The houses all have an accessible bathroom, a community alarm system, and the support of either onsite Retirement Assistants or local authority nominated care staff with the exception of Witch Road in Kilmarnock where no staff are onsite.

What is onsite?

Each site has a communal space for instance a lounge where shared activities can take place such as lunches, bingo afternoons, creative classes, and seasonal celebrations such as Christmas or Burns Night. Our sheltered housing properties are intended to help support independent living and enable our tenants to live in a homely safe environment for as long as possible.

Each site also has an telecare system which is linked to a 24-hour call centre. Whilst these vary site to site, in general you will have a personal pendant, a speech module in your main living area and pull cords within different rooms in your property.

All properties are linked through a communal fire alarm system whereby all properties are alerted if the alarm is activated. We have a ‘stay put’ policy where you would only need to evacuate if the fire is in your property, or you are in one of the communal areas.

What is the cost?

All properties are subject to rent charges and a service charge. Each site will differ in these figures. Please ask if there is a specific site you are interested in.

Who can apply? 

You must be either over 60 and or have a disability. To apply you would complete an application form (link to existing application within WSHA site)

Sheltered Housing

Sheltered Housing

Sheltered Housing

Sheltered Housing

Where is our sheltered housing located? 

Our sheltered housing sites are spread across 5 local authorities.


  • Gourlay Street, Springburn – 20 flats
  • Denmilne Gardens, Easterhouse – 25 bungalows
  • Bulldale Place, Yoker – 20 flats
  • Beil Drive, Yoker – 20 flats

South Lanarkshire

  • Linthaugh Gardens – 31 flats

North Lanarkshire

  • Hill Road, Cumbernauld – 34 bungalows

East Ayrshire

  • Witch Road, Kilmarnock – 25 flats

South Ayrshire

  • Orchard House, Ayr – 28 flats
  • Hamilton Court, Ayr – 8 flats

Why would you want to live in Sheltered Housing?

Sheltered housing sites are a community within a community. Everyone who lives there has a story to tell and life well lived. You can become as involved as you like with the activities that are provided. Within sheltered housing we encourage everyone to be a good neighbour and look out for each other.

Some quotes from tenants of sheltered housing:

“I love it here – so different from living on my own".

“Having someone call on you on a daily basis is reassuring”.

To find out more, contact the team on 0141 550 5600 (option 3)