Television, Broadband & Landline

Who doesn’t love a bit of TV, but are you paying over the odds for it? 
Here are some tips and tricks to save:
  • Check your current provider and subscription details such as usage, best deal, extras.
  • Asking for these details from your current provider might prompt them to give you a better deal due to the prospect of transferring.
  • Check your usage (light or heavy user, time and day of most calls, local or international calls)
  • Use comparison websites to compare and check for better deals annually - the general rule is they will always offer you a new deal every year, check the market!
  • Having the same supplier for broadband and telephone (bundle deals) does not necessarily mean savings.
  • Direct debit payment and paperless billing are usually the most cost effective methods of paying and receiving bills.
  • Use the internet for free communication software e.g. skype.
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