Learning how to use your smartphone, tablet, or computer (often called a ‘device’) can open up new opportunities and experiences.

Getting to know your device will allow you to:

  • Keep in touch with family and friends

-       You could create an email address to contact friends, use your device to make a video call to family, or learn how to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


  •  Watch TV series, movies or videos

-       There are many streaming platforms online that give you access to your favourite tv shows and movies online. You can also find helpful tutorials on any of your hobbies. Whether you like to cook, play an instrument or garden there are plenty of helpful videos.


  • Get the best deals online

-       Doing your shopping online gives you access to better prices, more variety and leaves you to shop in peace without the crowds and pressure. This also applies to energy bills, car insurance, phone bills, broadband and much more!


  •  Improve your health and wellbeing

-       There is lots of useful information online to help you take care of yourself. There are exercise videos to keep you in shape, nutritional tips to help you make healthier choices, and even services to see a GP online without leaving the house.


Whatever your motivation for getting online is, we can help and offer one to one phone, video and remote support sessions. These sessions can also be scaled up for larger groups.

You can contact our Digital Participation Officer by phone: 07985200055 / 0141 550 5600 (option 3), send an email to simon.freeburn@westscot.co.uk or click the button below:

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