Charing Cross Investment Progress

Our Transfer Promises

We have been making good progress with our investment promises made to tenants who transferred to West of Scotland HA from Charing Cross Housing Association. Our Transfer Promises in relation to investment were:

  • Investment of up to £9.5m by the end of March 2027 including new double-glazed windows for the majority of houses.
  • A £100,000 kick-start local budget to support partnership projects to improve the wider environment.
  • Provision of a high quality, well managed, modern repairs service.

Our Asset Management Team continue to analyse the property information that was held by Charing Cross Housing Association, to confirm the outstanding planned maintenance and what is due to be replaced within the next five years. The team made the decision to incorporate the these works into West of Scotland’s current planned replacement programmes where possible to deliver the works more efficiently. 

When your property is due replacement works (such as new windows, kitchens, bathroom and heating systems), we will arrange a survey of your home with the appointed contractor to inspect the condition of the items due to be replaced and confirm if replacement is required and the specification of the items to be ordered.

The following summarises investment planned in 2023/24:

Kitchen Replacement

As of 11th August, we have completed 69 replacements, with a further 2 scheduled to be replaced and 16 kitchen scheduled for a second survey date in September.  

Bathroom Replacement

Bathroom replacement programme is underway, with 72 complete as of August and 167 due to be completed in 2023/24. 

Heating System Replacement

This will initially happen at the same time as the kitchen replacements as most heating systems are in the kitchen area. 49 replacements were completed as of August '23, with 102 due to be completed in 2023/24. 

Window Replacement

With our planning application approved by Glasgow City Council, our contractor for our timber windows replacement programme is now on site as of Jan '24. We will be installing quality timber frame double-glazed windows in a total of 385 homes within Woodlands and Garnethill with over the next three years.

Investment in Future years

A proposed programme of works detailing the investment to each property will be shared prior to financial year that the work is anticipated to commence. 

If you have any questions about our investment plans then please contact our Asset Management Team.