Rent Setting

We aim to charge rents which are affordable for tenants. Rents cover the cost of:

  • managing and maintaining your homes
  • repaying any mortgages or loans owing
  • setting aside money for repairs that will be needed in the future

It is our aim that all our rental charges will be below the thresholds for affordability set by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations.

Our average monthly rents as per property size are as follows:

  • 1 bedroom - £358
  • 2 bedroom - £373
  • 3 bedroom - £394
  • 4 bedroom - £402

Please note the rent you pay may differ from the above depending on the specific elements of your property.

Please read our Rent Policy for more information.

The above applies to those who have a Scottish Secure Tenancy. A small number of our tenants are former secure tenants and their rents are set every three years by the Rent Officer.