Tenant Consultations

Feb 2024 Close Cleaning Consultation

The Association’s close cleaning contract is due for renewal. We are looking for feedback from tenants who receive this service about what the specification should include, and what the frequency of visits should be.

The proposed close cleaning specification:

  • Entrance up to front close door de-littered & brushed and debris removed off site
  • Clean communal close doors inside and out, including glass, polish door brasses and clean intercom panel
  • Remove and dispose of unwanted advertising & junk mail
  • Allow for lifting / moving small items for example, prams / buggies, bikes, etc; to allow flooring areas to be cleaned
  • Remove dirty marks from lower down communal walls, wall tiles and dado-rails
  • Remove minor graffiti from any common area and advise client of any major graffiti
  • Dust light fittings, utility boxes & deadlight cills above house / communal doors
  • Dust skirtings, window frames, cills, ledges & dado-rails
  • Remove cobwebs throughout
  • Clean lift & casings (inside and out) and clear, clean & polish tracks
  • Clean handrails & railings
  • Sweep / Hoover carpeted floors and stairs (riser & top) and remove small stains
  • Sweep house door mats and leave upright against the wall
  • Sweep & wash uncarpeted floors and stairs (riser & top) with approved disinfectant/soap & water solution
  • Wash / Wipe nosings on carpeted / composite flooring
  • Ensure an approved air freshener is used in all common areas
  • Stairs/Path to back close door de-littered & brushed free of dirt and debris
  • Pull out bins, de-litter, sweep out and remove off-site, apply disinfectant and wash bin store floor

Window Cleaning:

  • Clean all glass internally and externally.
  • Clean all window sills and frames internally and externally
  • All surfaces to be left clear and free from dirt, dust, grease, other deposits, water marks and smears

Please note that an increased specification may result in increased costs for the service. It is also important to note that we are experiencing increased costs for new contracts across the business. We would be grateful if you could complete our short survey to let us know your thoughts: https://forms.office.com/e/Yb6ufreQLL

The survey will close on 23rd February. When the survey closes, we will analyse all responses, review our specification again, agree any changes based on feedback from tenants and will then put the agreed specificiation out to tender. Once we have a new contractor selected, we will let your know who the contractor will be and what the final specification and frequency will be. We will also detial the outcome of this consultation in our next newsletter. Thank you in advance for your contribution.