Repair Response Times

How long will they take?

The time it will take for repairs to be carried out depends on how serious they are. All repairs are given a category and the timescales for completion are as follows:  

Emergency Repairs

These are serious faults which could cause a risk to health or damage to the house, e.g. burst pipes, no power. Repairs in this category should be made safe within 4 hours and will normally be completed within 48 hours.

Please note for emergency calls where you have no heating and/or hot water response time are:

  • Reported by 12 noon, completed by 5pm the same day.
  • Reported between 12 noon and 5pm, to be completed by 9pm the same day.
  • Reported between 5pm and 10pm, to be completed that day or no later than noon the following day.
  • Reported after 10pm, to be completed by noon the following day.

Non-emergency Repairs

Most repairs fall into this category. This includes work like internal joiner work, external repairs and installing new baths etc. We aim to complete all routine repairs within 7 working days. We will aim to give you an appointment slot for non-emergency repairs.

Right to Repair

From 30th September 2002, under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, Scottish Secure Tenants have the right to have small urgent repairs carried out by their landlord within a given timescale. This is called the Right to Repair Scheme. When you report a repair we will tell you whether it is a qualifying repair under the scheme. If the repair qualifies under the scheme we will:

  • Tell you the maximum amount of time allowed to carry out the repair
  • Explain your rights under the Right to Repair scheme
  • Make access arrangements with you to allow the repair to be carried out

If our usual contractor has not started the qualifying repair in the time limit set, you can ask a contractor from our approved list to carry out the repair.

You cannot instruct another contractor if the repair is also a defect (if the house is newly built). You are also entitled to compensation from us for the inconvenience. If you have to instruct another contractor because the repair has not been started, the contractor will automatically bill us. If you require any further information please contact us.