Mutual Exchange

If you are unable to secure a transfer to a new home from us you may wish to consider a mutual exchange. This is where you swap your property with another social housing tenant, that is someone who rents a property from another housing association or a local authority. If you are interested in this you can complete this form providing information about your own property size type and location, and the types and location of homes you would like to move to. We will not share any information publicly unless another tenant matches your needs. We will at this stage share your contact details. It will be for you to agree any arrangements with an interested party in terms of viewing properties. If you agree to exchange your property you would need to let us know and we would have a form for you to complete.

Please note there are circumstances where we would refuse a mutual exchange for one of our tenants. Reasons could include:

- a Notice of Proceedings has been served on either party to the exchange

- an order for recovery has been made against either party to the exchange

- the house has been designed/adapted for occupation by a person whose special needs require such accommodation and, following the exchange, no person with these special needs would occupy the house

- the accommodation of the other house is either substantially larger than that required by the tenant and her/his family, or it is not suitable to the needs of the tenant and the tenant’s family

- the exchange would result in statutory overcrowding

Each application would be considered on its merits. Part of the process would also involve an inspection of each property as part of the exchange to ensure they are in a suitable state of repair and no unauthorised alterations have been carried out.

Other than sharing contact details with each party we will have no role in whether you agree a swap or not, except to approve any swap.

You can see a list of tenants who have registered for as swap here.

If you live in South Lanarkshire you may be interested in joining the house exchange scheme that all partners of the common housing register are part of - you can register here: