Applying for a house

Resident In GardenWe currently own around 3,500 homes across Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire and Ayrshire. Housing types range from sheltered housing for older people to new family homes. View a full list of our homes

We also have an ambitious development programme and are building new homes across the west of Scotland. View our developments.

We allocate homes using a points system based on housing need. View more about our allocations policy.

Before you apply for a house, you can estimate the number of points you may receive using our Triage Form.

To apply for a home in Glasgow or Ayrshire please complete the forms below and return to  If you would prefer for a copy to be posted to you please contact or 0141 550 5600. 

Please note that you cannot use a mobile phone to complete our application form. 

Due to the high volume of applications received it is taking a bit longer to process forms - if you have already completed a form please allow up to 15 weeks for a response.

Once your application has been processed your will receive a letter confirming your application reference number, the amount of points you have been awarded and the areas you have selected to be housed. 

Apply for a house in North and South Lanarkshire.