Applying for a house

We allocate homes using a banding system - you can read our policy here and Frequently Asked Questions about banding here.

You can read a summary of our Lettings Strategy here. This sets out how many homes we manage, how many become available, and how many existing applicants we have. 

Apply for a home in Glasgow or Ayrshire

Our new online housing application is now available. This means that when a form is completed online, our only task is to apply a band depending on the circumstances. For some applicants we may get in touch to confirm further information, but the majoruty will hear back from us in no more than 15 working days about the band they have been placed on.

We ask that all applicants complete our housing options form below. We will then send you a response providing housing advice based on your answer, as well as a link to the online form. Please note that once your application is live and on our system we will only get in touch with you if a suitable property has become available.

You can complete the housing options form here. 

If you are in urgent housing need you should contact your local council to discuss a homeless presentation. 

Homelessness advice and assistance - Glasgow

If you require homelessness advice and assistance during office hours,  contact Health and Social Care Connect on 0141 287 0555. You can also request homelessness assistance online at

If you require assistance after 4.45pm Monday to Thursday or 3.55pm on a Friday or weekends and public holidays, then please contact the Emergency Out of Hours Homelessness Service on 0800 838 502.

You can also visit the Glasgow City Council Homelessness page.

Apply for a house in North and South Lanarkshire

The application process is different for our homes in North and South Lanarkshire. We are a partner in the Common Housing Register scheme in both areas which  allows access to all public sector housing through one application form.  Find out more.

Mutual exchanges

If you are a tenant of ours looking for a new home you may wish to consider a mutual exchange. Please visit our Mutual Exchanges page. Tenants who are looking to move should also arrange a discussion with their housing officer - you can do so by emailing us at 

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