Making the most of your tenancy

Janette Fernhill At Her HomeWe want to ensure that we provide the best possible environment for our tenants to live in, within safe, clean and well managed communities. Please help us to do this. Here are some of the ways you can help:

Look after your garden - by ensuring it is well maintained with regular grass cutting and weeding of beds and driveways. If you are elderly or infirm you may qualify for inclusion on your local authority care of garden scheme. Contact us for enquiries.

Disposing of household waste responsibly - Please familiarise yourself with your local authority bin collection days and dispose of waste using the proper bins provided. If you need a special/bulk uplift you should arrange this by contacting your local authority directly and requesting this.

Fire Safety in your Home Information

Young Boy With His Thumbs UpAnti-Social Behaviour and Neighbour Disputes

We believe every person has the right to live in their home and community free from harassment, fear and undue disturbance from others.

We recognise that anti-social behaviour can drastically affect the quality of life of individuals and communities.

We have adopted a number of principles for dealing with anti-social behaviour:

  • We will deal appropriately with the different types of anti-social behaviour. This means we need a broad range of different types of action we can take.
  • We will record all complaints we receive. We will respond within time limits for different types of complaint and keep the complainant informed of developments.
  • We will work with our partners, including the communities we serve, to deal with anti-social behaviour.
  • We will not give the name of the complainant to the person complained about.
  • We will try to prevent anti-social behaviour occurring in the first place.
  • We will always consider court action to repossess a house where the tenant or member of the household has been convicted for the supply of drugs from their home.

For help or more information please contact us on 0141 550 5600.