Thinking of Moving

If you are already a tenant of the Association and you want to move to another house, then you can apply for a transfer at any time.

How are Applications for Transfer Assessed?

Your application for transfer will be awarded points based on the circumstances in your home. Points are awarded for the following reasons:-

  • Overcrowding
  • Under occupation
  • Medical needs
  • Social need (e.g. employment needs, care needs)
  • Harassment/domestic abuse

The number of points you will get depends on how suitable your current accommodation is for your needs.

Your application for transfer will be placed on the list for the areas you have requested. The more points you have, the higher your position on the list will be. If two or more tenants have the same number of points we will give priority to the person who applied first. We keep applications for transfer on a separate list from applications from people who are applying to go on our direct waiting list. This means that your application for transfer will be assessed against other tenants in similar circumstances.

Your Housing Officer will visit you to discuss your transfer needs and complete a transfer form with you. The reason for this visit is to check your circumstances and to check that your house is up to our expected standard. We make offers of transfer in writing and you will be invited to view the house you are being offered with a Housing Officer.

Please note that if you are in rent arrears, owe any other money to the Association or have a poor tenancy record you will not normally be offered another house until those things are sorted out or you are maintaining an arrangement to repay.