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Charing Cross Tenants say ‘YES’ to Transfer to West of Scotland Housing Association

Charing Cross & West of Scotland LogoCharing Cross Housing Association (Charing Cross) tenants have resoundingly backed the proposed transfer to West of Scotland Housing Association (West of Scotland) with 96.1% voting YES to the proposal. The ballot was open for 31 days with an impressive 72.4% of tenants taking the opportunity to cast their vote and make their voice heard.

West of Scotland and Charing Cross worked together to create a joint business case for the transfer of engagements of Charing Cross’s interest into West of Scotland that would allow the expanded West of Scotland to do much more for Charing Cross’s tenants, other customers and staff members. The two organisations worked closely together to develop an exciting transfer proposal that has been shaped by Charing Cross tenants through months of intensive engagement.

Charing Cross shareholding members will now be invited to two Special General Meetings where they will be asked to approve, then confirm, a special transfer resolution to complete the transfer process. Subject to the support of Charing Cross’s members and other final consents being achieved, the transfer is expected to complete on 1st August 2022. At this point, West of Scotland will become responsible for delivering the homes and services currently provided by Charing Cross. 

West of Scotland is now getting ready to start delivering on the promises made to Charing Cross tenants including a 1 year rent freeze, additional investment in homes and the local environment, and a host of other improvements in local services.

West of Scotland is one of Scotland’s leading housing providers with over 3700 affordable homes across Scotland. The transfer from Charing Cross brings another 509 additional homes. 

Ian McLean, Charing Cross’s Chairperson, said: “The Management Committee were very happy with the package of transfer promises that we secured from West of Scotland. These will make a huge positive difference to our tenants in terms of improved rent affordability and additional investment in homes and communities. Our staff will continue to provide great local services to our tenants, but with the backing and scale of West of Scotland. We were delighted that so many tenants took the opportunity to vote with a clear majority voting in favour. This provides a strong mandate for West of Scotland going forward to deliver on the promises they have made.”

Kelly Adams, Chair, West of Scotland Chair, added “We are absolutely thrilled that the Charing Cross tenants have voted in favour of the transfer, and we look forward to welcoming them, as well as the fantastic staff team, into the West of Scotland family in the coming months. The transfer will combine the strengths, capabilities, assets and traditions of both organisations to create a stronger entity that can deliver a thriving future for tenants, other customers and staff.”

Brian Gannon, Chief Executive Officer, West of Scotland, commented: “We feel very privileged that the tenants in the historic communities of Woodlands and Garnethill have put their faith in West of Scotland HA to deliver on our transfer promises. We look forward to delivering to both communities the excellent wider support services and strong community engagement that existing WSHA tenants have benefited from for many years.”