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WSHA continues to fulfil transfer promises to former Charing Cross HA tenants as major window upgrade programme begins

West of Scotland Housing Association has kicked off a £5.7 million upgrade programme for former tenants of Charing Cross HA, replacing the windows of 385  homes over the next three years, vastly improving energy efficiency and tackling fuel poverty for residents.

One of the key promises made by WSHA to Charing Cross HA tenants during the transfer of tenancies in 2022 was that all single-glazed windows in the conservation area properties would be replaced by double-glazed windows in the first five years post-transfer. After a period of obtaining planning permission, procuring a supplier and installer and the windows being specified and manufactured, WSHA are delighted to announce that the first timber replacement contract went on site last week, on 29th January 2024. 

385 properties in total will have new double-glazed windows installed over the next 3 years at a total cost of £5.7 million. The windows will be installed by Sidey, Scotland’s largest window and door manufacturer, with the current single-glazed windows upgraded to double-glazed sash-and-case style windows in keeping with the period details of the conservation area homes.

The new windows will provide significant benefits to tenants, tackling fuel poverty and contributing to noise reduction in the properties. Recognising this, WSHA began applying for planning permission to undertake the work even before the transfer of tenancies from Charing Cross HA to WSHA was complete, to ensure upgrades were undertaken as speedily as possible for tenants. 

Of the programme, Brian Gannon, CEO of WSHA said:

When WSHA consulted with tenants on a possible transfer, the recurring message we heard from tenants was that they were desperate for the replacement of single glazed windows in their homes, particularly with rising energy costs. This was always a top priority for WSHA to deliver and we are pleased to be now on-site with our window replacement programme”. 

Ros Smith, Chairperson of the Woodlands & Garnethill Residents Association said: 

"I and my fellow members are pleased to endorse this massive improvement to our properties. The properties here carry unique challenges in some instances and the WSHA team have worked really hard to address these. This window refurbishment will bring warmth and reduced energy costs to tenants, which surely can only be positive news in these hard-hitting economic times."

One of the first tenants to receive the new windows, Ms Turner of South Woodside Road said: 

The new windows are great. There are no more draughts- I used to keep my curtains shut all the time to try and keep the heat in and you could see them moving with the draught. They look great too. The team that done my windows were amazing, really polite and professional - I couldn’t have asked for anything more."

When taking over the tenancies of Charing Cross Housing Association, WSHA made a series of Promises to tenants, which included investment of up to £9.5m in their homes. Alongside the window replacement programme, Charing Cross tenants will also be receiving, as applicable, new bathrooms, kitchens and heating systems. Other Promises include a £100,000 kick-start local budget to support partnership projects to improve the wider environment. WSHA is currently on track to keep all of its transfer Promises to ex-Charing Cross HA tenants. Read more about the ransfer and the Promises made to ex-Charing Cross HA tenants